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Jiangsu EBIL Intelligent Storage Technology C integration, project implementation and after-sales serv headquarter located in Gaochun High-tech Developm system planning and integration company, providing t pallet runner, shuttle carrier, RGV shuttle c electrical automation and software of the logistics system EBILTECH enjoys a strong technical team and high-q and service personnel, and more than 40 mechanical, ele innovation and R&D. It not only has its own research and Zhejiang University, Southeast University, South China U continuously enhance the technical strength of the ent EBILTECH products have passed the certifications of ISO software copyrights. The products are widely used in m automobile, paper making, furniture, coal, medicine, foo logistics and other industries. They are well received by JOINTOWN Pharmaceutical Group, Huaying Group, VASE Since its foundation, EBILTECH has grown rapid first, customer first" spirit of enterprise, be open to and make unremitting efforts to create a better future.




1.Aim: Customer first,honesty first.

2.Operation Philosophy: Excellent,Innovation,move with the times

3.Culture: Employee first,happy work,healthy life.

4.Talent Philosophy:morality-rooted,replace thinking,make full u

5.Team Spirit:Unity and dedication,coexistence,never give up.

6.Team Value:personal and team like a eagle.

7.Vision:To be the world famous warehouse storage rack suppliers

8.Company Value:Create value to customer,responsible for the so yees dream.

Commitment to Customers

Pre-sale service commitments:
Sale service commitment:
Guaranteed delivery time:
After-sales service commitment:
Pre-sale service commitments:

(1) The manufacturing and inspection of racking, all procedures have quality records and detection data.

(2) Shelves will be packed, loaded and shipped according to the industry standards or our factory export products standard packing after strict inspection.

(3) Under the condition of equal competition, our factory will ensure the product quality based on keep the product technical performance and not change the product components,we have good faith to provide you the most preferential price.

Sale service commitment:

(1) Using the national unified 《industrial products sales contract》sign a contract with you.

(2) Consciously abide by the provisions of the contract law, ensure the smooth performance of the contract and technical agreement.

(3) In order to guarantee the quality of rack products, all materials use domestic shelf industry’s material or international famous brands with high quality, provide you with quality products on schedule, and use of the mode of transportation, to make sure you receive the goods in good condition.

(4) Active communication with customers, respect customer’s arrangement, to provide customer with thoughtful technical support.

(5) According to the stipulations of the contract to provide you with inspection, installation, commissioning and training services.

Guaranteed delivery time:

(1) Product delivery time: according to customer requirements, if you have special needs like project need to be finished early, we can make special service for production, installation to meet customer’s needs.

(2) technical maintenance instructions (2) general installation drawings (3) purchased components specification list (4) provide the wearing parts, spare parts list, together with a certain amount of spare partst

After-sales service commitment:

(1) Service purpose: honesty, quick, decisive, accurate, and thoughtfl.

(2) Service aim: service first and customer first.

(3) Service efficiency: The supplier received the calls when machine failure, the maintenance personnel can reach the scene within 48 hours and began to repair.

(4) Service principle: 1 year free maintenance, life-long service, long-term to provide spare parts, provide engineering improvement, and update new products.

a. Research and development strength, we have ability to develop innovative high-end shelves products for cooperation projects.

b. The quality control standard: we fully implement ISO9001:2000 quality management system.

c. Timely and thoughtful service, we strictly carry out the sales service commitments.

d. Reliable product performance: we are willing to compete with other manufacturers in fair.

During the warranty period, our company’s technical personnel will do return visit questionnaire survey each year.

If you have any dissatisfaction, please feel free to contact us.

The complaint email:services@ebiltech.com Bena(contact person)

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