Technical Team


Zheng Minghui

Artificial intelligence specialists

Postdoctoral, professor, Hubei province enjoys
government subsidy experts. Presided over more than
20 projects at all levels, including the National Self-
Science Fund, the Ministry of Science and Technology
Innovation Fund, etc., published more than 60 high-
level scientific research papers, won the first prize of
Hubei Province Science and technology progress, the
third prize each one.


Liu Sanjun

Experts in the field of modern communications

Ph. PhD, Ph., Institute of Modern Communication,
Peking University School of Information Science and
technology. Presided over or participated in the
country 863, the National Self-Science fund focus, the
country's major special, Science and Technology
department support plan, such as more than 10
projects research work, the application of 10 national
invention patents, published more than 10 high-level


Hu Tao

Big Data processing Specialist

Associate Professor, Dr. Wuhan University is
From the research of big data processing,
embedded system, computer graphics image
processing and other fields of things,
Presided over or participated in the study of 17
provincial and ministerial projects.

Xu Wenbin: South University of South Science, mechanical manufacturing and automation, Master's degree. Associate
Professor, Department of Teaching and Research, South China University of Technology. The first author applied for more than 60
patents, published more than 10 papers, presided over more than 20 kinds of scientific research projects. Has won four times
excellent teachers, access to nanyue excellent teachers.
Pan Jianyi:South University of South University, mechanical Manufacturing & amp; automation, PhD. A total of 18 academic
papers were published, of which 4 have been included in the EI index. 2 invention patents.

Expert Team

Serial number Name Age Gender Duties Title Degree Now engaged in professional Current Unit
1 Lin Ying 63 Male Dean Professor Master Mechanical engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
2 Feng Jinyuan 62 Male Vice Dean Professor Bachelor Communication engineering Electronic information Engineering
3 Xu Wenbin 32 Male Department Director Associate Professor Master Mechanical and Electronic engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
4 Pan Jianyi 33 Male Department Director Associate Professor Dr Mechanical engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
5 Cao Yinglie 47 Male Department Director Senior engineer Dr Communication engineering Electronic information Engineering
6 Li Hong 53 Female Vice Dean Associate professor Bachelor Mechanical engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
7 Pan Guoping 59 Male teacher Professor Level Senior Engineer Dr Mechanical and Electronic engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
8 Guo Jian 29 Male teacher Lecturer Master Mechanical engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
9 Han Wei 53 Male Vice Dean Senior Experimenter Bachelor Mechanical engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
10 Chen Ruihong 33 Male Director of the experiment center Lab artist Master Mechanical engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
11 Yu Wensheng 36 Male teacher Ta Master Mechanical and Electronic engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
12 Wang Miaomiao 28 Female teacher Lecturer Master Mechanical and Electronic engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
13 wang Jianchun 36 Female teacher Lecturer Master Mechanical and Electronic engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
14 Wang Rui 34 Female Department Director Lecturer Master Mechanical and Electronic engineering School of Mechanical Engineering
15 Kuang Yucong 31 Male teacher Lab artist Bachelor Mechanical engineering School of Mechanical Engineering